There may be some variation in the colours and textures of the actual product from what appears on the screen.

C001Pure White
C050 Studio White
C003 So Mascarpone
C052 Mocassin Must
C024 Bloody Wine
C023 Super Goji
C022 Coral Curry
C021 Orange Spice
C034 Coffee Delight
C002 Dark Chocolate
C033 Vintage Violet
C029 Antique Rose
C027 Pink Crush
C026 Delicate Pink
C025 Just Rose
C020 Peachy Pink
C028 Innocent Mauve
C031 Lavender Breeze
C030 Rosy Quartz
C004 Chocolate Mousse
C015 Lemon Ice
C016 Delicate Peach
C017 Mellow Yellow
C018 Sunshine Yellow
C037 Bahamas Teal
C007Scuba Dive
C006 Bora Bora
C005 Paradise Soul
C044 Royal Blue
C038 Blue Festival
C036 Blue Sky
C035 Crystal Blue
C039 Chic Jeans
C042 French Blue
C043 Blue Clouds
C047Elephant Grey
C048 Smoke Grey
C054 Carbon Grey
C055 Charcoal Grey
C049 Black Shadow
C008Elegant Sage
C045 Iceberg Mint
C040 Silver Note
C041 Mineral White
C053 Forest Green
C014 Lucky Green
C010 Green Martini
C011 Green Citrino
C046 Eucalyptus Mask
C009 Central Park
C012 Olive Leaf
C013 Safari Green


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